What is left unsaid

Las cosas que no se nombran


By naming we make visible the unseen. In our world, here, now, close to us and beyond our grasp, a myriad of unspeakable things happens. Worrisome, pleasurable, shameful, enslaving, freeing, painful, and vibrant things that finally do not allow us to be indifferent. This is the inspiration for our current work. Collectively and individually we put everything on display, from gut reactions to well thought out responses to these sometimes nameless, often unmentionable details of our existence.

What is Left Unsaid was part of the virtual exhibition Athens Jewelry Week on 10th to 15th November 2020

What is Left Unsaid was shown at the gallery UADEart during the III Latin American Contemporary Jewelry Biennial from 3rd September to 25th October 2021

Montserrat Wöhlk

Marita Sario

Hebe Argentieri

Paula Botto Fiora

Patricia Gallucci

Laura Giusti

Graciela di Monaco

Carmen Romero

Graciela Lescano

Andrea Nosetti

Paula Isola

Gabi Nirino

Roxana Casale

Vicky Biagiola

Lena Echelle

Tutor: Jorge Manilla

Piece: Mirror of the soul


Fotógrafo/photographer Artista/artist
Gustavo Cuda Roxana Casale
Lena Echelle Lena Echelle
Pablo Mehanna Laura Giusti
Joaquín Torres Andrea Nosetti
Ricardo Vidal Crisóstomo Montserrat Wöhlk
Jorge Manilla Jorge Manilla
Damián Wasser Rafael Alvarez, Hebe Argentieri, Vicky Biagiola, Paula Botto Fiora, Graciela di Monaco, Patricia Gallucci, Paula Isola, Graciela Lescano, Gabi Nirino, Carmen Romero, Marita Sario


Video Arte: Pablo Zapata