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Why Caracú

It means bone marrow, what’s essential and true, hard to get yet what we look for

About us

Who we are, where we come from, where we go

Who we are

Caracu’s artists

Andrea Nosetti

Carmen Romero

Gabriela Nirino

Graciela Di Monaco

Graciela Lescano

Hebe Argentieri

Laura Giusti

Lena Echelle

Marita Sario

Montserrat Wohlk

Patricia Gallucci

Paula Botto Fiora

Paula Isola

Rafael Alvarez

Roxana Casale

Vicky Biagiola

Visita our exhibition

What is left unsaid

Who we are

About us

2020 marks two years since the inception of Caracú, a collective of South American jewelers and artists. We consider contemporary jewelry as a complete artistic expression which enables us to create functional pieces, art objects, and installations. The private creation and collaborative result of our work allows us to continually consider our expression, our creative and technical processes, and the meaning of these as both individuals and individuals in a community. What began as the casual result inspired by a workshop, De lo Plástico a lo Visual, taught by Jorge Manilla, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, has become a self-managed group in which each voice is heard in an ongoing, collaborative conversation.

Reflected in the search for relevant materials and processes are internal explorations regarding our understanding and experience of existence and identity. From analyses of personal, natural, historical, social, political and discursive patterns to the raw distillation of form in pursuit of an essence of culture or meaning of value, our pieces collectively echo the heterogeneous multiplicity that is life in South America by voicing the unheard, showing the unseen, and surviving through solidarity.

Our mentor, Jorge Manilla

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Upcoming exhibitions


Athens Jewelry Week

What is left unsaid

Athens Jewelry Week
Athens – Greece
November 10 – 15
Opening: November 11
Zoom: November 12

Buenos Aires

Las cosas que no se nombran

Buenos Aires Sur Gallery
Buenos Aires – Argentina
April 11 – 25
Opening: Abril 11

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We introduce ourselves at Athens Jewelry Week!

We introduce ourselves at Athens Jewelry Week!

The exhibition “What is Left Unsaid ” will be shown during Athens Jewelry Week.
Our presentation will include an artistic video and a talk with members of our collective showing our work. It will be via zoom on Thursday 12th November at 3:20 pm Argentina (8:20 Athens- 7:20 CET).

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Lockdown meeting

Lockdown meeting

We keep on meeting during lockdown. There s so much to talk about. Individual views are assets to the group and to each one of us. So much to think about, to solve, to share

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