“What is left unsaid” is our exhibition at Athens Jewelry Week

Announcement: Our exhibition “What is left unsaid” has been rescheduled due to the coronavirus situation. The Athens Jewelry Week will take place during the month of November.

What is Left Unsaid will be shown during Athens Jewelry Week at Melanithros Gallery in Athens, Greece, between 22nd May 2nd June The exhibition is the result of two years of work and permanent dialogue on issues that occupy and go through us deeply as artists and as a collective.

What is left unsaid

By naming we make visible the unseen in society. In our world, here, now, close to us and beyond our grasp, a myriad of unspeakable things happens. Worrisome, pleasurable, shameful, enslaving, freeing, painful, and vibrant things that finally do not allow us to be indifferent. This is the inspiration for our current exhibition. Collectively and individually we put everything on display, from gut reactions to well thought out responses to these sometimes nameless, often unmentionable details of our existence.